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B i o g r a p h y

Tyrone Laner was born in the beautiful island of Palma de Mallorca (Spain) in that time the parents were working at the well knowed Dinner Show Son Amar. He is the  7th Generation of Circus performers from his family and start to perform at young age of 6 years doing Trick Roping (Lasso) in the act of his parents at the "Circo de la India" (one of the most important spanish Circus end of the 80’s). His father taught him the art of Lasso & Knives Throwing to perform in a show with his family called "Laner & Gonzalez" around Theaters, Circuses, Resorts and Dinner Shows of Spain. His passion for the stage pushed him to rescue and innovate this old circus discipline and showed in  a lot of  important varieties circus and cabarets like: Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde in Paris, the Circus Flic Flac or the Circo de los Horrores in Spain; For him its not just an act, it's a Knive Throwing ART.

During 4 year was on tour in North Europe, Mediterranean, Caribbean, North America and South America with a lot of success on the big stages of the Cruise Ships Lines.


Guillermina (Mina) Pagliero is from Buenos Aires (Argentina) where the beautiful culture of the Tango was born; She began her Tango studies in the famous Tango Studio of Mora Godoy in Buenos Aires and then being part of her Ballet around Theaters of the city. After that she was performing at the emblematic Cafe Tortoni 

a famous vintage Dance Cafe in the city of Buenos Aires and also at the popular and historical Barrio de La Boca (Caminito).

She is not just a Tango Dancer, Guillermina was graded at the IUNA (National University School of Art) in body expression and choreographic composition.  With great success she was for 4 years the producer and dancer of the Tango Show "Noches de Buenos Aires" onbord of Cruise Ships around South America, North Europe & the Mediterranean Sea.

Laner Family Son Amar 1981

The Laner Brothers at Son Amar Mallorca 1980

Neujhars Variete Germany
Tango Mina MSC Cruise
Tyrone & Mina in The Act Dubai 2013

For the first time at the Starclub Varieté we present a completely new kind of knife throwing art with stunning litters, elegance and a lot of risk. The knives fly with dynamic movements of the hands of the thrower at moving targets.

The knife throwing show of Tyrone & Mina has it all. Tyrone bombed the wall at his partner declines with sharp blades as if it were the most natural thing in the world.
Spectacular and the ultimate thrill.

                                                                           Starclub Varieté Kassel, Germany

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